Vacuum Bags, Belts & Filters

The right accessories make everything more fun, and here at A1 Vacuum with locations in Orem and Provo, Utah, we carry a full line of bags, belts, filters and other parts and accessories for all types of vacuums.

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It’s always a good idea to keep an extra package of vacuum cleaner bags on hand. It’s best to change them before they become completely full, because it could otherwise strain the motor and affect the suction function. If you don’t have any new bags handy, you may be tempted to run the vacuum “just one more time” and get new bags next time you’re out, but unfortunately a situation like this can sometimes continue through several uses, endangering the proper function of your vacuum.

Vacuum Belts

Filters should also be changed regularly. To find out how often you should change your vacuum’s filter, consult your owner’s manual or find it online. A clogged filter canA1 Vacuum & Sewing Provo6 make your vacuum work twice as hard while performing half as well. A vacuum filter executes an important function, and if it is not working properly, you can risk recirculating the dust and dirt you are trying to get rid of back into your room, or worse, into the moving parts of the vacuum. Make sure you change your filters often and keep them clean.

Vacuum Filters

The belts on your vacuum that turn the beater bars also must be kept in good working order. If your belts are old and have not been changed for years, they are in danger of snapping at any moment. While this is generally not dangerous, the beater bar will not function without belts, so your vacuum may be out of commission until these broken parts are replaced. Made essentially of rubber, vacuum belts become worn and stretched over time, losing efficiency and turning the bar more slowly, resulting in rugs that are less clean. Even if your belts are still functioning, they may be working at a seriously diminished capacity. If you are not sure if your belts need replacing, bring your vacuum in to A1 Vacuum at either the Orem or Provo, Utah, locations, and our friendly staff members can help you determine if you need new belts and what kind you need for your model vacuum.